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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who manufactured your products?

We manufacture our seat covers right in our manufacturing facility in Maitland, FL. We have been in business for over 16 years as an automotive interior upholstery shop, during these years we have accumulated a few seat cover patterns which enables us to manufacture them and sell them online as DIY seat covers and factory OEM replacement. We do not just sell them, we manufacture and install them as well.

2.Do you use genuine leather?

All leather seat covers we sell are manufactured from genuine automotive cowhide leather. Which means these leathers are tanned and sealed specifically for automotive use. We inspect every cowhide we use for flaws and scratches to ensure our customers will receive a good quality product.

3.Are these seat covers pull-on?

No, our seat covers are replacement of your existing seat covers. You have to remove your worn or torn seat covers and install the new one. Our seat covers are exact factory match by look, feel, fit and quality.

4.Do you pre-cut holes for seat controls?

We do not pre-cut holes for seat controls, due to the reason that most seats will shift from years of use. We marked the area to cut the holes for your guidance. We have instructions that comes with your new seat cover. You may also call us and we can walk you through if you have questions or needs help on installation.

5.Do you offer discount on bulk or wholesale orders?

Of course we do. For bulk or multiple orders, we will offer a discount. Please contact us for more info.

6.Will this work with heated seats?

Absolutely. The heating element in your seat is laid on top of your foam pad and is not attached to your seat cover, therefore replacing the seat cover of your heated seat is relatively easy.