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We started as a small family run automotive interior upholstery shop. We specialize in restoring automotive interiors, custom or original, seat replacement and repairs, convertible top replacement and anything that needs to be done in automotive interiors. We work with the car dealerships in our area as well as some trucking companies. We have been in business for over 16 years.

The company ventured into the manufacturing industry a couple years ago (2014) running both the upholstery shop and manufacturing facility. We were crammed in a 2,800 square foot building at the beginning and by November of 2015 we were blessed to move to a 13,000 square foot building close to our previous location in order to accommodate the upholstery shop’s customers and to make room for our growing business. We decided to split the building in order to separate the upholstery shop from the manufacturing facility thus giving us more room to work and enough storage for our stocks.